Here are some answers to questions.

Q: Do I really have 11 brothers and sisters?

A: Yes. Though if you want to count guardianship the number may be something like 13.

Q: What am I studying?

A. Software engineering from the most famous professor in all of software engineering.

Q. When am I going to finish school?

Two to three years from the time you read this answer.

Q. Have you met Don Knuth?

A. Yes.

Q. Where did I get my pants?

A. I made them.

Q. Can I buy some pants?

A: $500

Q. Where did I meet my smart and beautiful Ash?

A. Dancing in Detroit when she had a boyfriend wearing the aforementioned pants.

Q. How long have I been married?

A. . But who’s counting?

Q. When are Ashley and I going to have a baby?

A. When we feel like it. Punk. You spent the last 20 years trying to get me to not have kids. Now you have to wait a few years for me to get over that. (Will update status changes.)